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My name Mechi Fahs. I'm a preffesional photographer and sometimes videographer too. Based in Buenos Aires, available worldwide.

Asked my brother to tell you all about me. This is what he said: 

According to Fede Fahs

Mechi Fahs is one of the most active and singular photographers of the scene. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, with a Canon since she was fifteen, every project she has ever been involved with is soaked with her own particular style. Through marketing, brand style & graphic design, she developed a strong commercial profile. Her passion for photography and design are the basis of  her work. Since 2005 she has been creating both, personal and commissioned work for clients that varies between fashion, architecture and food photography.  Alongside her commercial journey, she developed her personal portfolio portraying from landscapes to city life to random stuff, always trying to build her own character and style. A selection of her work is currently for sale. She got her degree on Photography and studied Graphic Design at Universidad de Palermo.



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